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Asset protection and the Family Court

Asset protection and the Family Court
CPD Points: 1 Price:

This seminar will consider the question of whether assets can be protected, either before or after separation, from a Family Court division of property and will be relevant for both family and non-family lawyers alike.

Much has happened since the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) commenced operation in January 2012.

Many lawyers deliver pleas in mitigation and act on violence and misconduct restraining orders as part of their day to day practice. This seminar is highly recommended for lawyers who represent clients in these two key practice areas.

An Introduction to Drafting Wills

An Introduction to Drafting Wills
CPD Points: 2 Price:

One of the most important and exacting documents a lawyer can be called upon to draft is a will.  Susan Fielding, an undisputed leader in this area, provides an introduction in drafting wills and all the matters which need to be considered in relation to the will.

This seminar contains an up-to-date discussion of:

  • the use of character evidence in criminal trials; and
  • cross examination and the law of prior inconsistent statements.

A contaminated site can have significant economic and planning implications on any property development and it is vital that lawyers dealing with property transactions be able to plan for and properly advise their clients of the impact and requirements of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 (WA).

This seminar is chaired by John Syminton, and presented by Peter Beekink and Craig Wallace.

Commercial Equity

Commercial Equity
CPD Points: 1.5 Price:

For those practising in the area of commercial litigation, it is important to understand the scope and limits of the so-called “second limb” of the rule in Barnes v Addy and what amounts to a “dishonest and fraudulent design”.

Too often lawyers are regarded as ‘handbrakes to happiness’ in the business world, obstructing and delaying the ordinary course of commerce.  Tanya Heaslip and Jan Macpherson will draw on their in-house experience and discuss practical steps on how to change this perception.

Nick Cooper will summarise the law regarding legal professional privilege. Using case examples, he will explore the hurdles in-house lawyers face in trying to properly maintain privilege including in the context of dealing with commercial teams, investigations etc. The presentation will conclude with practical tips to help maintain privilege.

Tim Kavenagh will examine the law in relation to shadow and de facto directors and draw on his role as in-house counsel at two different mining companies to give some practical tips on how not to stray into a director’s role.

The art of drafting subpoenas has evolved over the years and can play an important role in the outcome of a case.  Are you using them effectively?  This presentation will cover suggestions on how to draft subpoenas and the role of subpoenas as a fact finding tool in modern litigation and arbitration.

The Hon Eric Heenan QC addresses a series of presumptions or doctrines which may be encountered in many situations especially in contentious and also non contentious succession cases.