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Advocate’s Immunity

Advocate’s Immunity
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The nature of work is changing and employment law has to keep up.  

Geoff Bourhill and Fab Zanuttigh provide a detailed overview of the changes including all of the entitlements and exclusions, and will assess the practical impact of the changes on motor vehicle insurance in Western Australia.

Learn how a lawyer should respond if the ATO or other Commonwealth authority comes knocking in search of client information on your premises.

Experienced speakers provide practical tips on how to deal with problem areas such as the formalities of convening meetings, drafting and amendments to resolutions, the proper conduct of meetings, who can attend meetings and who can appoint a proxy.

Shareholder and joint venture agreements are essential commercial documents that help reduce the likelihood of future disputes and provide the framework for resolving issues that do arise.

Family Law for non-family lawyers

Family Law for non-family lawyers
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The basics you need to know even if you don’t practise family law.

Explore the practical operation and effect of the Building Act 2011 (WA) and related legislation on neighbourhood building disputes.

This informative seminar chaired by the Honourable Justice Neil McKerracher will provide a timely overview and update on Australian Consumer Law.

Community title schemes are a new type of strata scheme where multiple sub-schemes exist within an umbrella community scheme.  This seminar focuses on the issues lawyers may face when providing advice in relation to community title schemes under the proposed new legislation.

Anti-bribery and corruption compliance has become a big issue for Australian companies doing business around the world.  Likely changes to the regulatory and enforcement landscape in this area make this a topical area of real and practical interest to WA practitioners and their clients.

This seminar provides practical tips on what to do when receiving urgent instructions to draft a will or EPA to ensure that they effectively carry out the client’s wishes and to avoid any potential claims including practical tips on assessing mental capacity to make a will or EPA generally.