Online Courses

Explore the practical operation and effect of the Building Act 2011 (WA) and related legislation on neighbourhood building disputes.

This informative seminar chaired by the Honourable Justice Neil McKerracher will provide a timely overview and update on Australian Consumer Law.

This seminar provides an in-depth consideration of the laws and consequences surrounding driving offences. It will cover the various laws regulating driving offences including; hooning, reckless driving and dangerous driving as well as focus specifically on the most serious driving offences; those causing injury or death.

Many lawyers deliver pleas in mitigation and act on violence and misconduct restraining orders as part of their day to day practice. This seminar is highly recommended for lawyers who represent clients in these two key practice areas.

This seminar contains a detailed discussion of running a legal practice through an Incorporated Legal Practice structure. The seminar covers practical, regulatory and ethical matters. This seminar attracts 1.5 points in Competency 1 and 0.5 points in Competency 2.

An Introduction to Drafting Wills

An Introduction to Drafting Wills
CPD Points: 2 Price:

One of the most important and exacting documents a lawyer can be called upon to draft is a will.  Susan Fielding, an undisputed leader in this area, provides an introduction in drafting wills and all the matters which need to be considered in relation to the will.

This seminar on self-managed superannuation funds acts as a primer for lawyers advising clients on succession planning.

This seminar contains a detailed discussion of bullying in the workplace and is essential viewing for lawyers who advise organisations or those involved in the management of their firm. The seminar covers 2014 amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 which now covers workplace bullying, as well as an in depth look into management and psychological factors that affect workplace bullying.

This seminar contains an up-to-date discussion of:

  • the use of character evidence in criminal trials; and
  • cross examination and the law of prior inconsistent statements.

A contaminated site can have significant economic and planning implications on any property development and it is vital that lawyers dealing with property transactions be able to plan for and properly advise their clients of the impact and requirements of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 (WA).

This seminar is chaired by John Syminton, and presented by Peter Beekink and Craig Wallace.

Commercial Equity

Commercial Equity
CPD Points: 1.5 Price:

For those practising in the area of commercial litigation, it is important to understand the scope and limits of the so-called “second limb” of the rule in Barnes v Addy and what amounts to a “dishonest and fraudulent design”.

Too often lawyers are regarded as ‘handbrakes to happiness’ in the business world, obstructing and delaying the ordinary course of commerce.  Tanya Heaslip and Jan Macpherson will draw on their in-house experience and discuss practical steps on how to change this perception.