Succession Law Masterclass - Part 2

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Succession Law Masterclass - Part 2

Succession Law Masterclass - Part 2
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Succession Law Masterclass - Part 2

Michael Hollingdale is a senior lawyer who has been mediating since 1991. He has mediated disputes spanning building and construction, resources, insurance, consumer claims, partnership, estates, environment and planning, leasing, bank debts, defamation, and general commercial and company disputes.

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Succession Law Masterclass - Part 2

Robert Nash’s areas of practice are primarily in the areas of inheritance, contested probate, estate and trust administration disputes; commercial disputes with an emphasis on real property, business acquisition disputes and restraint of trade; inquiries and inquests; military disciplinary law; and criminal statutory prosecutions.

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In Part 2 of this Succession Law Masterclass, leading experts in the legal profession will look at some key topics arising in 2019.

ADR for Family Business Succession and Estate Planning

Michael Hollingdale has been developing a structure for legal and other advisors to assist clients in managing family relationships relating to succession and estate planning so as to avoid disputes arising or escalating before or following a death.

Facilitation and mediation are underused in this area particularly as estates and family businesses have become more complex and substantial.

Both these processes could be called upon more often and at an earlier stage to assist in avoiding expensive and emotional battles over family business succession and deceased estates.

RE NARUMON: Superannuaton and Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Robert Nash speaks about:

Superannuation – The new force in succession disputes.

The ALRC Report on Elder Abuse – Report 131 - 8 June 2017

Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Re Narumon Pty Ltd [2018] QSC 185 considered

Is a BDBN a testamentary act?