Employment law in the new age: the future of work

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CPD Points 3

  • C4: Substantive Law (3)

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Employment law in the new age: the future of work

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The nature of work is changing and employment law has to keep up.  

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This seminar will tackle how employment law is keeping up with the changes with 3 presentations focussing on:

  • The future of work, namely:
    • alternative working arrangements and the growing requirement for flexibility;
    • the rise of the insecure or contingent workforce and use of contractors;
    • the changing nature of service providers;
    • the increasing impact of technology on working arrangements;
    • the risks associated with reduced personal interactions in the workplace; and
    • data security risks and increased requirements to protect confidential information.
  • Disciplinary and performance issues in the context of social media and conduct beyond the workplace.
  • Occupational safety and health considerations for employers for non-traditional working relationships in particular the challenges and considerations involving the “joint workplace” – where contractors, labour hire workers and employees work together and also employees working remotely or from home.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced