Becoming an Incorporated Legal Practice

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CPD Points 2

  • C1: Practice Management (1.5)
  • C3: Ethics and Professional Responsibility (0.5)

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Becoming an Incorporated Legal Practice

Michael Perrella is a lawyer with over 10 years criminal law experience in Western Australia.

Course Summary

This seminar contains a detailed discussion of running a legal practice through an Incorporated Legal Practice structure. The seminar covers practical, regulatory and ethical matters. This seminar attracts 1.5 points in Competency 1 and 0.5 points in Competency 2.

Course Details

This seminar is a must for all practitioners with an interest in how their practice is structured.

Complete this seminar to gain a sound knowledge of:

  • what an Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP) is;
  • ethical considerations for ILP's;
  • regulatory requirements for ILP's; and
  • the pros and cons of becoming an ILP.

At the end of this seminar you should have a greater understanding of whether an ILP structure is suitable for your practice, and if it is, how to go about creating one.