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The Law Society of Western Australia is offering 50% off our eLearning mental health and related seminars throughout WA Mental Health Week 6-12 October 2019.

Is the stress of the compensation process contributing to a rise in secondary psychological claims and do workers lodge more work-related stress claims due to perceived injustices and how do we define and manage stress disorders that don’t fit any psychiatric diagnoses? This presentation explores, from both a legal and a practical perspective, the effects of ongoing compensation claims on the recovery of injured workers and the concept of ‘chronic embitterment’. It will also consider how to avoid the pitfalls these issues can create.

This seminar examines how government contracts differ from other species. Government contracts may walk, talk and quack like contracts, but they are the platypuses of the commercial world.
The seminar covers the following:

1. Defining government contracts
2. Three differences:
     - limits and discretions
     - objectives
     - scrutiny
3. Summary and conclusion

Join us to hear from the newly appointed President of the State Administrative Tribunal, The Hon Justice Janine Pritchard, and two SAT members on important matters being heard at the Tribunal including building and strata title disputes, the scope of HR in SAT and the demands on the GAA jurisdiction and mediation.

The Law Society of Western Australia is offering 50% off our eLearning health and wellbeing related seminars throughout WA Mental Health Week 6-12 October 2019.

Blended Families

Blended Families
CPD Points: 2 Price:

This seminar looks at issues relating to Blended Families. It is divided into three sections:

  • Issues for blended families in a family law context, specifically in the context of property disputes;
  • Estate planning for blended families
  • Tax issues

The governance of public hospitals raises a unique set of issues for parties on both sides of medical treatment liability claims. What to do when a claimant is also an active patient in the public health system? How to request medical documents? And how do common law and the Civil Liability Act defences interact in the most recent cases? Some of these points are canvassed in this practical session for lawyers acting for and against public health facilities in WA.

The Law Society of Western Australia is offering 50% off our eLearning health and wellbeing related seminars throughout WA Mental Health Week 6-12 October 2019.

Ethical standards of conduct represent an important professional obligation which we each have as lawyers. The session will focus upon the duties owed by family lawyers to the Court and the relevant Professional Conduct Rules. It will address some ethical dilemmas, in fact scenarios, making reference to case law along the way.

This eLearning course looks at process improvement in legal practice management and the approaches, methods and tools to increase productivity in a legal service environment. 


This course will discuss not only problems that may arise in Will drafting but also provide tips and provisions that should be included to ensure the Willmaker has a properly drafted and appropriate Will. 

Drafting guidelines for effective communication

Drafting guidelines for effective communication
CPD Points: 1 Price:

One of the ways reputation is built, or damaged, is through the presentation of documents and correspondence. Whether the correspondence is directed internally or externally, it should consistently reflect professionalism which underpins brand value.